Can you afford this risk? 

Inattentive Driving - Drowsy-1

Without realising, drivers are often engaging in risky behaviours that are putting themselves, the company and the public at risk. Did you know you can now eliminate this risk and prevent driver inattention before it becomes a collision? 

Identify and eliminate distractions based on driver action alone with real-time in cab feedback.

Drowsy, sleeping, smoking or inattentive driving - the Inattentive Driving+ solution is built with intelligent image monitoring and eye tracking algorithms that can identify distractions. 

Empower drivers to improve their driving behaviours and uncover the full picture for safer driving. 

When combined with the SmartDrive video safety programme you can prevent inattention before it becomes a collision.

  • Immediately alert your driver with real-time in cab feedback at the high risk moment
  • Offload video for expert review by our managed service
  • Get scored and documented video against your customised safety KPIs for driver coaching, eliminating poor driving behaviours before a catastrophe occurs

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