Build a Dataset and Measure Your Results with One Program

Safety Management System (SMS), a behavioral-based system that will soon be mandated by the FTA, has accountability for every aspect. As a result, it’s important to develop the KPIs and information you need – along with a vigorous standard operating procedure – to comply with the SMS standards.

“SmartDrive provides us with enough data to support the program and to be sure we are following processes and procedures,” according to Marcus Wright, RATP Dev. Todd Cheever of Nassau County Transit/Transdev agrees. “You can use SmartDrive to measure your results, which is a part of the SMS requirement.”

By providing the right data at the right time, SmartDrive helps with the Safety Assurance aspect of SMS. The result is that fleets ensure the processes they have in place are actually being effective. In addition, SmartDrive assists agencies build a data set that helps them be predictive, so they get in front of mitigation before an event occurs. Request a demo and see the results today.