Highly Effective Secrets to Building a Successful
Data-Driven, Driver Incentive Program

Driver Scorecard Ebook
Best-run fleets are using their data-driven rewards program as a differentiator to attract and retain quality drivers. They don’t rely on a simple once-a-year bonus program based on miles driven. Instead, they use monthly or quarterly driver scorecards based on comprehensive safety, fuel and operational data to develop and retain quality drivers.  

Download this ebook for your step-by-step guide to implement an effective data-driven driver incentive program. We’ve also included critical success factors and sample incentive programs to consider.

“Using data to create a program that incentivizes our drivers gives me confidence in knowing that we’re reinforcing safe driving and protecting the motoring public. As a result, I’m happy to pay out for safety. In fact, I hope 100% of our drivers qualify for our quarterly safety performance bonus!” 
Matthew Penland, VP Risk Management, Cypress Truck Lines