Boost Fleet and Driver Productivity
with Real-Time Tracking

Get powerful telematics capabilities including tracking, geofencing, historical trip data, and custom rules and alerting, as well as access to Geotab’s Marketplace Add-Ins to further extend your fleet productivity capabilities.

  • Geotab-tracking

    Real-Time Tracking on a Map   
    View your vehicles; hover over the vehicle location and you’ll see more details like arrival times, direction and the speed while driving.

  • Manage Your Trips, Anytime
    Productivity reports help you visualize your fleet and driver activities throughout the day. A summarized view includes fleet performance metrics.

  • Detailed and Accurate Trip Recording
    Record all driving details and compare that data to company policies defined in the software.

  • Create Any Number of Custom Rules
    MyGeotab offers various configurable dashboard reports to help get you started. The fleet tracking system also provides you with unlimited possibilities to create custom rules and reports that suit your exact fleet needs.

SmartDrive video safety, predictive analytics, telematics and compliance offerings help fleets improve driving skills, lower operating costs and deliver significant ROI. Let SmartDrive simplify your real-time tracking with one box that powers it all. 

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