Leavitt’s Freight Service CEO and President, Ron Riddle, emphatically states, “SmartDrive opened my eyes to what was happening on the road. It became immediately evident that there was a lot we didn’t know. We thought we knew what was going on out on the road, but we had no idea.”

Not only did SmartDrive help exonerate drivers involved in 13 events within 16 months, but it helped the company set a company record for insurance loss ratio – the lowest in 60+ years. “Our investment paid at least double in our first year of having SmartDrive.”

And, it’s not just management that appreciates how SmartDrive improves safety in the fleet. John Bonds, a long-time driver, states, “Today, I don’t give it any thought. It’s part of my truck and is there to protect me and the company. If I owned a truck, I’d have it.”

“Just do it.” 

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